Ideas and Experiments

This document does not include trikes, ultralights, and paramotors. However, interesting rigs with unique or related ideas may appear here. Please forward any videos you find inspiring.

Prone launch configurations

The reason I include these here is because prone launching removes the need to control a throttle and glider during a running launch. There’s no immediate altitude with a flat land launch so simplicity has its advantages.

Reidar Bernsten


Japanese prone setup:


Ivan Melero double tail wheel (not electric)


Schwarze Minimum Trike


Not electric, but some prone configurations:


  • Charles Allen’s cool on-the-keel twin XTM 5500 build video and flight video:



From Paraglider-land

Justin’s paraglider Blimp drive. Interesting twin off-the-shelf parts setup.

Contra rotating twin setup