Safety Checklist


Under construction


todo: Max voltage: mgm and hacker naturally also have esc for up to 120 volts. but only for professional applications. the 60 V regulation applies to diy e-bikes, e-karts, rc models, etc. Imagine building a 24 S battery. as soon as you touch both + / - once you are definitely dead with a battery that can deliver the impulse regardless of whether 12 S or up to 24 s up to 6000 amps. the body can cope with up to 60 V. from 18 S you get muscle cramps. from 22 S it becomes fatal at dc. take a look at a welding machine that produces the arc at full power at mostly 20 volts and 250 amps. imagine 20 times that going through your body through the heart. the heart is a sensitive muscle …

Main power switch

Secondary Quick disconnect

Voltage/discharge monitor

Temperature monitor and/or alarm

Fire mitigation


tbd: Do you use a spark suppression circuit on your master switches?

tbd: esc safety features


  • Boom length

  • Prop clearances

  • Motor mounts

Glider handling

  • CG

  • Center of mass

  • Glider pitch stability: Thrust line

Turbulence sensors

Some ideas from Charles Allen:

  • Pitch and roll shutoff: IMU which could be wired up to shut motors if Pitch or Roll exceeds x angle.

  • Pressure sensor on the carabiner to measure when weight is off and shut motors.